20180101_104357Happy New Year! We all made it through 2017…ALS can go suck it!

While there is progression, the Big He is still walking (very short distances), talking (kinda getting that drunk ALS accent) but despite it all he is going strong.

I have had a draft going for a day now, I write and I delete.  You know what, the biggest thing I can say about 2017 is WE SURVIVED YEAR 2 of the monster  disease known as ALS! So again, ALS, you. can. suck. it!

We survived progression. We survived traveling with a disability. We survived reduced ability to walk and to breath.  We survived the VA. We survived 2 surgeries, We survived figuring this new life despite wanting to scream and yell and hide from this new reality…ok, maybe thats more me then then the He’s. They survived me. I survived them.

Look out 2018, look out ALS, we are hitting our stride and will hit this new year and new life like survivors!

All my love,

The She




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