The BEAST known as Lou [Gehrig’s Disease]

This weekend I heard Alpha Lima Sierra refereed to as The Beast. Once to say the Beast had won, meaning someone’s loved one had died from this disease. The other to say that their loved one was in the hospital fighting complications this disease ultimately causes.

Alpha Lima Sierra is a Beast. One that cannot be conquered or tamed.  It goes after entire families, no one is safe from its devastation. It strikes fear into people just by saying its name. For me, it feels like I cannot get enough ahead of the Beast to take a breather. There is no where to run, no where to hide. I cannot protect my family from it, I cannot protect myself.  I cannot flip the light on and see that it was all a dream.  This is our reality.

I am on a quest you could say to find someone to help me fight. To help me maintain the stamina I need so I can be there for the Big He and the Little He. It is a quest for sure.  While we are getting help from our Church, I am also looking at getting paid help in the house.   Finding someone has been hard. We came close a few times but nothing yet. I know that when we do find that right person, I will be able to get back the strength to fight the Beast off. In the end, the Big He, Little He and I will fight this Beast as long as it takes. For me, I will protect my family as long as I can from this Beast, I know there is something around the corner that will finish the Beast off and protect so many like our family from letting the Beast win.


So, many of you know we have a new member of the family. His name is Lou Gehrig and tomorrow he will be 9 weeks old. He is a beast of a puppy. LuckiIMG_20170624_200001_333ly with this beast, I can totally outrun him and even conquer him.  Heck, even both He’s can conquer him as well. Well he does win some battles, several because he was sneaky and we left our shoes on the floor and the other’s are when we go for walks, he usually gets a free ride on Frank-the-Tank when he poops out and gets tired. We are working on doing some basic obedience training with him. We have a great organization helping us, Service Dogs Express. We have met with one of their trainers twice now. They will help us get Lou in shape to be the best mobility dog he can be. All in all, Lou is adjusting to our family and we are adjusting to him, well all of us except for the 12 year old Lab, Rocky. He wishes we would take Lou for walk and not bring him home. I know Rocky will come around eventually.

All my best,

The She.


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