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The He’s and I are very excited. Next week we will be arriving in Oklahoma to be part of the 2nd Annual Deployment Reunion. It will be a much needed getaway and therapy session. A very inappropriate therapy session but one that will be good for the mind, body and soul. I cannot explain what last years reunion did for us. It reconnected us with family that right now, I can’t imaging doing this Alpha Lima Sierra life without. In the year since the reunion we have texted, called and visited these brother’s and sister. We have made it a point to stay connected in spite of the distance between us. The Big He loves the text and calls from them and so do I. I have even on occasion used these brothers and sister as a sounding board and they without fail, have been what I and the Big He needed. That’s what is amazing about our military family, the ugly of this disease doesn’t bother them. The dark humor we use doesn’t bother them, really nothing is too out there for them. They are open and honest and we like that.

This year’s reunion will be at Daryl and Steph’s new place in Stillwater. They have been busy getting their new home ready for the reunion and making sure the Big He can navigate around the place. Frank-the-Tank will be making his debut to the group along with Lou the service dog. The Big He has progressed since the last reunion. Last year, he was stronger, he was still walking unassisted and his voice was much stronger. This year he needs his walker and wheelchair. Also this year he may be listening more than talking as his voice is becoming weaker, but between Daryl, Lou and Teddy, who can really get a word in. I am sure they will be fighting for air space.

Our reunion is longer than last year. A weekend was just not long enough. So this year it will be an extended weekend with most folks arriving late Wed. Not sure that will be long enough either. I can’t tell you how nice it is to just hang out with folks that “get it”. It’s as if we can relax. I know that everyone there will be looking out for the Big He just as the Little He and I do.

So, in just a week, we will be “hill billying” it, as Billy says, up to Stillwater for 4 days of family time. We can’t wait and will keep you updated on all the fun!

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All my love,

The She

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  1. darylcountry

    Whoot! So ready for this! Can’t wait to have everyone together again, and to get to share our little slice of heaven with you at the same time is just awesome!

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