We Are Family

This past weekend we had the BIG DEPLOYMENT REUNION!  It was a much needed weekend. We have not seen most of the guys since 1992 but you would not know that if you were to see everyone together. It was as if no time had passed. The love (well they showed it in their own twisted way) was over flowing along with the bullshit! These guys are amazing. I am so happy we could do this. The big he smiled and laughed non-stop.

These people are our family. That is the only way to describe it. I have also been trying to think of a word to describe the weekend. I can only think of “unconditional” These folks came from all over to spend 2 days visiting with each other and it was all unconditional. On behalf of my big he and little he I want to thank Daryl &  Stephanie, Lou, Billy, Ben, Todd and  Gordon for taking the time to come to Texas. You just don’t know how theraputic this weekend was for the whole family.

We can’t wait to see even more of our military family next year. Love you all!!


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