Where did the time go?

Wow, has it really been over a month since I last updated things. I hate how time just seems to fly by and as you know time is not our friend. So let me see if I can sum this past month up.

When we came back from the Toes In the Water cruise I had a week to just chill. I started a new job which I am really enjoying. It is downtown so it take a few minutes longer to get to in the morning and the afternoon ride home is a bit longer but I have a view of the State Capital so hey, its okay. The little he is doing nothing but playing video games, playing with friends and reading when I throw down the hammer of Thor on him to do something productive. The big he is still working and we are still fighting the Employee Retirement System for his retirement. We are now headed to a hearing because of all of this. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. But, sometimes paving a path is rough and that is what we are hopefully going to do for those military veterans that work for the State.  Even if we fail at our hearing, we will continue the fight and take it up with the legislature. It is THAT important. We may not win for us, but we will ensure other’s don’t have to go through this.

On a much happier note, the big he and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversarwp-image-811625517jpg.jpgy on July 30th. He took me to dinner and we stayed downtown for the night with a view of the city. We have had the same meal every year for 26 years. For those that don’t know, we eloped on Guam. I was supposed to come back to the states to finish my college degree but we were in LOVE. So I stayed and we went to the JP. The day we got married was probably not what most folks dream of…he was negative $80 in the bank the morning we got married. We had no money, didn’t have a car and had to get a ride to the JP.  On the way back to base, the guy driving was pulled over for speeding then a mile or so after we got back on the rode, he had a blowout! Well, a tow truck was called and my love and my man-of-honor took off with the tow truck leaving me with two of their friends. A patrol car was supposed to come get us but that car went the wrong way so we walked. Oh have I mentioned that on Guam there is a rainy season. Guess what happened as we walked to the base, it rained. Hard. By the time we got back to base I was hot, sweaty and soaked. When we finally got ready for dinner it was late and the only thing available at the NCO club (which he had a charge card or we would not have eaten) was steak, potatoes, salad and cheesecake. So that is our anniversary meal. Every year. So I guess the moral of the story is it does not matter how you get married, if you have a big wedding or sPatchmall. What matters are the people and their love and devotion for each other.

We are also getting ready to go to the big he’s deployment reunion. It has been almost 26 years since he left. Yes, if you were paying attention he left just 5 months after we married. We are very excited to see the big he’s brothers again.


All my love,

The She

The Big He’s update: His hands are still atrophying and he is losing his fine motor skills in his left hand. He still seems to have some strength in his right hand but it too is pretty atrophied. He is also getting tired much easier when he walks so we will talking with the VA next week when he goes for his first physical therapy appointment about getting a push wheelchair. Something light and easy for me to get in and out. We just need something so if he get’s tired we can continue doing what we want. If you want to throw out a SUCK IT ALPHA LIMA SIERRA about now, be my guest. We are also trying a new supplemental protocol. It is being evaluated but the trial is full. The Dr posted the protocol online so we are gonna try it. The sucky part is that since it is a supplement, insurance does not pay and apparently the company that makes it is taking full advantage of this. It is a bit costly.

One last thing, it is Ice Bucket Challenge time. So make those videos and post them. Challenge your family and friends and don’t forget to make a donation if  you can. There are some exciting discoveries being made but there is still a ways to go for a cure.  The Ice Bucket Challenge helped kick start the discoveries that have been made so let’s bring it home and get a cure!


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