Bucket List Reunion


GoFundMe Campaign

She and he and smaller he are out having fun and have asked me to post this very important campaign to support a Bucket List event opportunity that we need everyone’s help to make happen.  Big he would like to reunite with the 44 comrades in arms that deployed with him to Desert Shield/Storm.  We are asking for help to supplement travel and facilities for the reunion.  Any monies left over will be given to the family to support other bucket list activities.  If you can give that is great!  But whether you give or not please help us spread the word by sharing with all your friends and family on any and all social media sites that you can. We want to rally together and love on this family in this very tangible way.

Thank you in advance!





4 thoughts on “Bucket List Reunion

  1. Kim

    I wish we were closer so I could help. I pray for all of you and love Yall from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could help take your pain away .

    Love, his other she who he has long forgotten…….

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    1. Kim, you can still help. This reunion is very important to the family, so even if you can’t give, please share the gofundme campaign with all your friends, family and extended network. Thanks in advance and keep praying!


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