A Day In The Life. . .

Our life is definitely different these days. It seems like there is either a “fight” as I like to call them or just something we need to think about or do to prepare for the what Alpha Lima Sierra will do to our family.

The “fight” is the push to have things done that you would hope would be easy. One item which really was not a fight at all, but a matter of getting all the necessary paperwork was getting the big he approved by the VA for 100% disability. Now, while it was not a fight for us, I know previous veterans did have to fight for the rating, so Thank You to those that paved the way for us. Another one, and an ongoing one, is getting the big he retired. I should be more specific, getting him retired correctly so he receives the maximum pension he is allowed/owed/deserves!

Other things we have going on is getting quotes for the home modifications we will need and looking at proposals, the big he is looking into making our home “smart” and looking for a new vehicle that can be modified later for wheelchair accessibility.

It is a lot for us, but I know it is small potatoes compared to others. There are so many folks whose journey is much farther down the road then ours.  There are so many that may not have the support system we have or the perseverance that the big he and I have. We have had to survive other things and we have learned that sometimes you just have to keep the train moving despite the big, blown-up bridge that spans a ginormous gorge!  You never know, maybe we will get up to 88 miles per hour and miss the crash off the tracks. [Did you catch the reference from my youth?]

The thing I know that keeps me going is my faith. I listen to Family Talk on XM 131 to and from work. I drive about 45 minutes plus or minus a few depending on traffic. So I usually get to hear two talk shows or portions of them M-F. The other day one of the pastors said something along the lines that being a Christian is not a guarantee that life here on Earth will be easy. How true is that! Being a Christian means knowing God loves me and will be there for me during the most difficult times as He is in the good times. Being a Christian means knowing that there is an eternal life where Alpha Lima Sierra does not exist gives me the perseverance I need, that the big he and little he needs to stay focused on us as a family and to stay focused on our faith. That is what will get us to our 88 miles per hour and deliver us safely to the other side of that scary blown-up bridge.

His update: So far things seem to be the same as last update. His hands continue to atrophy and get weak (left and right) and his legs get tired more easily with walking. He continues to really enjoy his nightly massages. It’s now a little like Pavlov’s Dogs. The clock hits 7:45 pm and he is ready for his massage turning off lights, the TV, letting the dog out to go potty…He is on the new massage table by 8:00!

I just Love, Love, Love that man!!!

Love to you all!

The She


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