Widow Truth-In my time

Grief. I am 8 months in the grief journey and the big advice I would give a new widow/widower is that you grieve in your time. You do things, in your time. You can’t compare your path with another persons. That is true for life isn’t it?

I have had the video of Tom’s service for some time, but I was just not ready to share it until now. It’s kinda long but it is beautiful. When I watch it I see what I wanted his service to be, a true celebration of the life he lived, the people that loved him and the people he loved.

All my love,


3 thoughts on “Widow Truth-In my time

  1. ddanna62

    Lara, what a beautiful remembrance of Tom and incredible celebration of his life. I truly wish we could have been there. I’m so grateful that you’ve shared the special time of remembrance and the gift that Tom was in life…and beyond. I am a life that was changed….because of the life I watched the two of you live together.

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