EDF Fellows on the Hill

If you haven’t been following our FB page, Tom’s Troops, then you probably don’t know that this week I am in Washington DC. I am here on behalf of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation as a current Fellow representing Texas. Yesterday was day two of the trip and an exciting one at that. I along with a Texas alumni Fellow, we visted with some of our elected officials. In fact, we were able to have coffee with Sen Cruz, shake the hand of Rep Crenshaw and chat with his office about issues near and dear to our hearts and have a great conversation with the office of Rep Carter. We had the opportunity to discuss the amazing work the EDF is doing but also discuss those issues that impact us as caregivers.

Many still have no idea about the veteran and ALS connection or the impact it takes on the veteran…on the family This is why it is so very important to climb out of my comfort zone and speak about this terminal disease. Everyone I spoke with was unaware of the connection but were supportive and understood the need to increase awareness and funding.

The word about not only ALS but the veteran connection is getting out. There is now an ALS Caucus which is a huge step in getting the funding and awareness. We all need to use our voice. So help us and spread the word about ALS and the veteran connection.

I will post more about the amazing experiences this week has provided but I must go for now. I have the Heroes and Histoy Makers Gala to get ready for.

All my love,

The She

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