Live In Color

I am so excited to be included in the company of some amazing women, all who have been nominated or selected by Consuela as one of their Viva Babes. Consuela has a program called ‘Its not about the bag’ which celebrates women who impact the world in positive ways through their service, strength, kindness, tenacity and love.

Live In Color

Before I needed to take an extended leave from work to care for the Big He, I use to work across the street from their store in Austin, Texas. In fact, my office faced Congress Ave and had a great view of the pink door that opens into a very happy place. When this ALS life would get too much and I need to escape, I would escape inside their store. I may have on more than one occasion purchased a bag or two or three. I guess you could say I started to do Consuela retail therapy. What can I say, they make me happy.

While it is sometimes hard to think of what I do as something to be celebrated because this is not a path I would have ever chosen. The Big He and I decided shortly after the ALS diagnosis that since we had little, real impact on finding a cure for this disease we would do what we could to ensure Veterans and their families in our little corner of the world could spend what time they had making memories and not fighting the VA for equipment and services. This advocacy effort led me to the Hidden Hero’s Community and ultimately being selected as a Dole Fellow.

While no one would ever choose this path, I am glad I can be a voice for Veteran’s with ALS as well as military caregivers.

All my love,

The She

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