3 thoughts on “ALS Awareness Month- May 3rd

  1. Micaela Pham

    Hi Tom Garey! It’s Me Michelle Pham dropping by to say hi! We miss you so much at work! I pray for a miracle for you. I just wanted to say I appreciate all your dedication to the agency! Missing our favorite Director/ Warrants Section. Thanks Mrs. Garey for keeping us posted. Thanks for being so kind and professional all the time & being very respectful. I could write a book on all your kindness but i want you to know God has better plans for you!

    1. Caren Billingsley

      Mrs Garry my name is Caren Billingsley I worked with Tom at TDCJ my prayers are constantly with You,Tom, and your family…Continue to lean on God and Jesus Christ for HOPE and strength

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