I See You

After 16 days in the ICU we are going home. Pneumonia, mucus plug(s), high heart rate and other shit has kept Tom in the hosptial. Is he 100%? Nope, but staying in the hospital to get him better is not a good option AND he won’t ever be 100%…he has ALS remember.

The Big He has overcome a huge ALS battle, in fact I call this a win. He is coming home.

So to you ALS, you can SUCK IT!

To our amazing NAMC ICU Nurses…Thank you. I was so scared and watching the Big He struggle the past 2 weeks was like a continuous crushing of my heart. I think I was only able to keep my shit together because of the calm demeanor you kept.

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my love. Hope the next time we see each other is at HEB.

Goodbye ICU Room 102!

All my love,

The She

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