28 years!

Today, 28 years ago, on an island in the western pacific ocean, the Big He and I tied the knot! Our own family did not know until afterwards. We eloped. I am not sure we even thought about our distant future, who does at 20 and 21 yrs old. All we knew was that we were in love. Our motto was “we have each other”. It still is but now we have our son and we still live by “we have each other”.

We have seen and experienced many things. Together we have experienced our  highest high’s and lowest low’s. 28 years ago, we never in a million years thought that our dream of growing old together would be redefined. ALS has required us to adjust and redefine our marriage and our roles. That is all ALS will do regarding us.

As I sit here I can say without a shadow of doubt that I am so very lucky to have been married for 28 years to the Big He. My heart wants so many more years as 28 just doesn’t seem long enough.

To the Big He:

You came into my life when I was not expecting it. You are everything I never even knew I wanted in a partner. You let me be me and I love you so very much for that. It is cliche I know, but we really were made for each other. From the very beginning of “us” we just knew. We knew we would be together. We knew despite the obstacles of having a long distance relationship, we would be together. I would not change one things about our life together. The journey to this point is what makes us work despite the disease. Yes, it is hard but we just know, we will be together and continue to live on love because, we have each other.

Happy Anniversary Love.


2 thoughts on “28 years!

  1. Tina Emerson

    Happy Anniversary to you!!
    I remember thinking 28 years ago that you two were a couple of badasses! You did it your way! Congratulations!😎

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