In just a few short hours, the Big He will be celebrating many years of hard work with his job by retiring. This new beginning is bitte20161028_075902.jpgrsweet for him, for his coworkers and for us, his family. How wonderful to be able to retire, but the circumstances for it are sad. He is retiring because of Alpha Lima Sierra. This disease is weakening his body and we knew at some point he would have to retire. This retirement comes before his body is too weak to drive, too weak to maintain the stamina it needs for his job.

On my way to work this morning I thought about the day ahead. What it means. I have been saying its kinda like the beginning of the end…meaning that his retirement is one more step towards this awful disease taking from  him. But you know what, I can think that way and be sad OR I can think of it as a new beginning and be excited for the things he will be able to do now that he won’t be spending his days dealing with work stuff. He can: take all the naps he wants; go have lunch with the little he; he can come have lunch with me; he can enjoy some time to just get out and do his photography, a hobby he always wants more time to enjoy; he will learn how to really work Photoshop and I pray he learns how to Photoshop me looking 20 years younger; and what I think is the most important, he can do my honey-dos.

There are so many things he will have a chance to enjoy, enjoy before this disease starts to take his ability to get around. So let’s not be sad, lets be happy that my honey do’s will now get done!

To all the wonderful people that helped us buy his retirement, thank you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You made it possible for the Big He to enjoy life!

All my love,

The She


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