Happy Father’s Day

2016-06-20_07.44.55Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. Your job is a hard one and this past weekend we celebrated you. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I thought about how thankful I am for my husband. How wonderful he is as a dad. How I am so grateful God put the two of us together so we could be parents to all of our kiddo’s. Granted three are in heaven, but we are parents to them none the less. Well before the little he arrived, the big he showed what an amazing father we was going to be. How much love he has for not just me but for his little ones. I remember when we were pregnant with the twins; the moment we learned we were having two babies and not one the ultra sound tech seemed a bit more concerned for the big he than for me. All I remember hearing was, “wait another heartbeat, its twins” followed by “Dad,  are you okay, do you need to sit down”?  From that moment on he had the biggest smile on his face and was a proud daddy. Well, I am going to remember it that way, in realty I think the initial pride had something to do with the fact his claimed he was amazing because he was able to make two babies. I believe his exact words were something like “Super Sperm”. He was equally devastated by the loss of those precious girls and again with our son. It was during those hard times that I saw what an amazing father he was and he was going to be. So when our little he arrived early  at 24 weeks it was not a surprise to me how he took to fatherhood like that was his purpose here on Earth. He followed our tiny boy to the NICU and stayed with him as long as possible. In fact, the big he was by our son’s bed everyday for 104 days. I can’t say the same. I was kicked out of the NICU for not taking care of myself which forced me to take several days off from visiting our little guy. Not the big he, every day. He helped clean out the little he’s ostomy bag,  helped anyway he could.

Fast forward 13 years. He is a wonderful father. He has always put his family first, has provided for us, he is showing the little he what a good work ethic is, how to treat a woman (by the way, I do realize that my husband does treat me like a pretty, pretty princess), how to treat your friends, how to put others before yourself and most importantly how to be a good father. I know the little he will be a wonderful dad as well, afterall he has an amazing role model.  There are so many more things I could say about the big he as a dad but I will leave you with this…I am truly, truly blessed that God brought the big he and I together and allowed me to be his wife and his baby’s mama!

Love to you all,

The She

The big he’s update: We are in somewhat of a holding pattern. So praise God! His left hand is pretty atrophied and  his right had is getting there as well. His stomach muscles from time to time get tired. He is embracing eating gluten free and trying to decrease the MSG in his diet. He still LOVES his massages and does see a difference in how he feels when he has had them and the days I flake out and he doesn’t get them. We are continuing to look for drug trials. We also continue to pray that his progression slows to a snails pace so we can get the time we need for a drug/management to be found and approved. Thank you all for the prayers and we just ask that you continue to keep the big he and our family in them.

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