May Day

What a weekend! It was a busy one and went by way too fast. The little he had a double header on Saturday so we were at the ball fields from noon to five. The little he lost one game and won the second. He played great. He did get hit by the pitcher but that allowed him to get on base, steal 2nd and 3rd and scored a run for the team. Afterwards the little he went to his best friend’s house and my love and I actually went on a date to our most favorite Mexican place, Chuy’s. Had cold beer, creamy jalapeño and a great dinner. We reminisced about our time on Guam as a young married couple The people we met, the adventures we went on and how that time helped to shape us as a couple. We learned quickly how to communicate and to be open and honest with each other. When your love gets deployed for months at a time you learn time is precious. You learn to say what you mean and to always say I love you. I have to say that Saturday night was a great night but anytime he and I spend together is great.

Today was a little more interesting. Just as we were leaving for church we heard our yellow dog let out a cry coming out of little he’s room. Didn’t think much of it until we noticed he was bleeding. Turns out our 10 year old puppy dog had sliced his leg on the corner of the metal bed frame. A quick trip to the 24 hour vet clinic and the yellow dog was loopy on tramadol and had a shaved leg with 4 staples. On our way home, we grabbed the little he from his friends house and headed home to do all those things we didn’t do on Saturday like grocery shopping, laundry and some cleaning all with a loopy dog just walking around because he apparently doesn’t want to lay down.

My love is doing good. His hands continue to get weak and his legs are beginning to get tired more easily. We are looking into doing more supplements as suggested by other people with Alpha Lima Sierra (PALS) and he now gets a nightly massage by Moi! We use coconut oil and mix in some essential oils which seems to help his muscles.  He of course enjoys it, but I do too because it gives us special time to settle down for the evening. It also seems to relax him so he can sleep. The sandman does not come to our home anymore so when my love can sleep it is a good thing. Speaking of, it is that time and the big he is ready for his massage.

Love to you all.

The She


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