When the Big He and I started dating he was only a few months from joining the Air Force. We pretty much really started dated during Basic Training and Tech-School. Both of which were not in the same state I was in at the time.  This was before cell phones and texting and really even before computers and emailing was something that was available at everyone’s fingertips. We had good ole letter writing and landline phones to keep up connected. During this time, the Big He told me that Journey’s Faithfully should be our song since we would be physically apart for the near future and of course insert “Airman” for “Music man”.  So, Faithfully became our song and as we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary today, those words have never held more meaning.

In the beginning, it was like the song…being apart was not easy, but we loved each and that is what made it work. When looking back on the 27 years that we have been married, I truly believe it was the early years that showed us, taught us that what ever comes our way if we remember to be faithful in our love, we can get through anything. And we have. Even now, living an ALS life we are doing it with Faith. We our faithful, knowing the Lord hears our prayers and provides us what we need by the people he brings into our lives. I faithfully stand by the Big He as he battles this disease and he stands by me. While physically, he may not be able to do the things he once did, he still takes care of me, watches out for me and ensures that I am happy and loved. He really is as much of a caregiver to me as I am to him.

I am so happy we are getting to celebrate our anniversary. Last  year when the diagnosis came, we had no idea what to expect. How fast the disease would progress or if we would have the chance to celebrate 27. Meeting this milestone means more than anyone can imagine and seeing how our marriage has evolved into a stronger more loving partnership is beyond explanation. I did not think I could love him more than I do today, but I do. I told him the other day that if I knew our lives would take this path in the beginning, I would, without hesitation, marry him all over again. I am the person I am because of him, because of how much he loves me-even the hot-mess, bat-shit crazy parts. And trust me, this journey has brought all of that out on steroids. Even with the stress, and the fear of what will happen-I am forever his, faithfully.

All my love,

The She

The Big He’s update: On Friday, he had his PEG tube replaced with a Mic-Key button. I mentioned before this is an insurance policy if/when the time comes. He is using the walker almost exclusively now in the house and we take his PermMobile chair out when we run errands as much as we can. He is sleeping more and more but this is due to the disease (so I am told, I still tell him he is a lazy ass shoving the whole retirement thing in my face). His voice is becoming weaker too. I can really notice the change just in a few weeks. We did find an amazing woman that helps us 2 days a week. She is taking some of the housekeeping burden off of me. And then there is Lou-the mobility dog. He is keeping us all on our toes-mainly because if we set still he likes to nibble and bite them. He is picking up on his training and learning fast. A trainer comes in weekly to help guide us with his training. Rocky dog is still hoping we take him back where we found him. That old dog does not like change.

So all in all, things are going the way an ALS life goes. It is  not for the faint of heart for sure. We ask you keep us in your prayers because we need all of them we can get. Give the Big He a text if you get a chance and follow Lou’s Instagram page: Lou_the _mobility_dog to see what the pup and the Big He are up to.


3 thoughts on “Faithfully-27

  1. M&S

    We sometimes hear the phrase “those two deserve each other” made in a negative way, but it certainly applies to the two of you, in the most positive way. Happy 27th anniversary!

  2. Kay Domel

    I enjoy reading the monthly posts. And keeping up with Lou! Happy Anniversary….you two! Thank you for keeping us up to date in such a positive way! Much love….Kik

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