What would you say?

cemetaryAt the end of your life, will you know your worth? What will you be known for? Will you know what other’s think of you?

This weekend, we learned one of Tom’s brothers he served with had died. I have been reading the Facebook posts of the amazing things people are saying about him. Do you think he really knew what other’s thought about him. Probably not and that is very sad to me.

This is something I have actually been thinking about well before the diagnosis.  I have always said that in the end our headstone will read: Loving Father/Mother, Husband/Wife, Brother/Sister, Son/Daughter and friend. Nothing about kickass employee, top in career or had 500+ friends on Facebook. Once the Alpha Lima Sierra diagnosis came into our lives, we have made it a point to say and show our love and not to leave things unsaid.

At the Big He’s retirement party, we got to hear and read all the wonderful things that his co-workers thought of him. It was overwhelming. I know he is amazing but to hear other’s knew this too (well actually to hear others can see past the @$$ attitude he sometimes has) was amazing.

If you knew tomorrow that your loved one would not be here  anymore would there be anything unsaid? So what would you say if you had the chance?

All my love,

The She

This is how he ROLLS

So big update….The Big He received his Track-Chair from the Independence Fund this weekend. Carlson Mobility delivered it for us, in the rain, so the Big He could get rolling. He has not stopped smiling since. This chair has given him the independence to meet this damn disease on his terms. Alpha Lima Sierra no longer controls if he can leave the house or not or what he will do. He can now go to the baseball fields with the Little He and not just sit and watch. He can play an active part, as he should since he is an assistant coach. We are headed to New Orleans soon, and yes, the Big He can and will lead the way. The whole family can’t wait to go fishing and hit the walking trails again. This is how my Airman rolls now. ALS can just go suck it!

Independence Fund and Carlson Mobility: Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!

To all our troops, if you want to make a donation to help other veterans, please consider donating to the Independence Fund.


To find out more about the Track Chair please visit: